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Advanced Microscopy Research Environment (ADMIRE)

is a cross-scientific graduate school focused on microscopy and micro imaging. Microscopy methods have developed with an increasing rate in the last few decades and have become the foundation for much of modern research in physics, chemistry, materials science, biology and science. The number of microscopy techniques has increased almost exponentially; often a new method has been developed based on a precise problem faced by a researcher in a particular field. ADMIRE focuses on microscopy spanning across a number of research fields, since a lot of modern and future science will depend on already existing and newly developed microscopy methods.


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Annual Image Contest 2017 Winning Image

The winner of the annual image contest 2017 is Laura Abariute from solid state physics with her contribution “Mimicking nature at Lund Nanolab". Let us all congratulate her! For more contributions see microscopy image of the year 2017.

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If you are a PhD student that has an interest in any type of advanced microscopy techniques, ADMIRE (Advanced Microscopy Research Environment) is the graduate research school for you! ADMIRE is a cross-scientific graduate school with the main goal to enhance training possibilities and to stimulate multi- and inter-disciplinary research. PhD students that are part of ADMIRE can participate in workshops, get access to a number of microscopy related courses and apply for scholarships to travel to other microscopy centers and/or microscopy related conferences.

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Financed by the Science Faculty

Electron Microscopy for Life Scientists

This 4.5 ECTS course will teach you the basics principles of SEM and TEM and you can even work on your own samples. More info here.

Introductory Image Analysis

Peter Magnusson will give a basic introduction to the properties of digital images, how they are created and stored and how different image formats can be handled. It is a 1 ECTS course taught September 17-19.

Analysis with ImageJ

The very popular course on how to analyze microscopy images using Image J that was given in 2016 will be given again this fall. Don't miss it! It is worth 7.5 ECTS and will be taking place weeks 43 & 45-50.

More information about the courses will soon be available here. Also feel free to contact the course responsible for each course with your specific questions and to sign up for the course.