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Microscopy Image of the Year

Each year we will select the “ADMIRE Microscopy Image of the Year”. All members of ADMIRE are allowed to submit an experimental microscopy image of their work to the coordinator of ADMIRE, Pablo Villanueva Perez. Adjustments, such as coloring, of the microscopy image are allowed. It is NOT a requirement that you personally acquired the image, but it should display YOUR work and you need permission from the person acquiring the image to submit it to this competition. Along with the image, one or two sentences describing the image should also be submitted. The Research School Advisory Board judges all images by two criteria: esthetically appealing and interesting from a research point of view, to select the winning image. A prize will be awarded to the winner. By submitting an image you give ADMIRE the right to use that image.

The submitted images should preferably be of high quality since ADMIRE will use them to promote itself by displaying them on the homepage and possibly also print them.

To see a few images, including the winner, from previous years, click 2012.