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Microscopy - Bioimaging

Microscopy – Bioimaging (NABIO13)

Mikroskopi – Bioimaging

7.5 credits, Third Cycle

The course gives an introduction to the use of microscopy-based methods in life science today. It is given for both PhD students (NABIO13) and Master’s students (BIOS08).

The course includes an introduction to microscopy, with emphasis on fluorescence microscopy, and theoretical principles of confocal microscopy and image deconvolution. Overview of different types of advanced research microscopes, as well as “imaging methods” that are not based on optical microscopes. Preparation and optimisation of fixed as well as live samples for microscopy. Microscopic visualisation of cellular structures and physiological functions with fluorescent markers. Theoretical introduction to digital visualisation, with emphasis on fluorescence-based methods. Brief introduction to ImageJ and basic analysis of digital images. Literature project about advanced microscopy methods. Practical project work – preparation, documentation and analysis of microscopy samples – including written and oral presentation of the completed project.

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Contact:Klas Flärdh    046-2228584