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MAXIV/ESS-based imaging for medical and biomedical research

MAXIV/ESS-baserad bildvetenskap för medicinsk och biomedicinsk forskning

4x1.5 credits, PhD course-package

This course targets PhD students and possibly postdocs from medical and biomedical or life science fields. The aim of the course is to introduce the concepts of MAX IV/ESS-based imaging for medical and biomedical research. Lectures, presented by researchers from academia and MAX IV will include basic tutorials on the principles of synchrotron-based imaging, as well as seminars on the application of imaging methods to a variety of medical and biomedical subjects.

Course plan: part 1 (introduction),  part 2 (experimental setup), part 3 (experimental neutron scattering), part 4 (experimental X-ray imaging)


Contact: Oxana Klementieva