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Winning Image

Colorized scanning electron micrograph of a mesmerizingly well-ordered array of vertical semiconductor nanowires grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy from a pattern of catalytic gold nanoparticles defined by electron beam lithography

By Gustav Nylund from Solid State Physics

Second Prize

"Sprout" - Cu(111) oxidation under temperature ramp condition

By Chu Zhang from Synchrotron Radiation Research

Third Prize


SEM image (blue colourscale) of an individual, 350 nm long rice-shaped Ag nanoparticle, overlaid by a multiphoton photoemission electron microscopy image (red colourscale) of the same particle. The PEEM image directly shows how, and most importantly where, the rice-shaped nanoantenna enhances the incident laser field. 

By Erik Mårsell from Synchrotron Radiation Research

The Winners with their prizes

The image contest winners with their prizes: an Ipad mini, a fitness tracking bracelet, and mobile phone controlled LED light bulbs.